About Me



I am an architectural designer and an art lover. I drew and painted from an early age. With a pair of gifted eyes and talented hands, I fell in love with architecture and received my Master of Architecture with Honors in Washington University in St. Louis in May, 2012 and was awarded the Outstanding Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. After graduation, I relocated myself in New York City. My passion for architecture and design takes me all over the world. As an architectural designer, I believe the full understanding of the relationship of architecture with its surrounding environment, culture and history is crucial to a successful design. A good design is never isolated or replicable. Every building has to respect the past as it will eventually become the past in the future.


Contact me at: mail [at] tingting.it




“Tingting has an extraordinary sensitivity to the subtle nuances of both people and places. More importantly, she uses her gifted eye to reveal a new way of seeing the world.”


+ Kathryn Dean, AIA, Director of the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design,
JoAnne Stolaroff Cotsen Professor of Architecture, Washington University in St. Louis
Founder and Partner at Dean/Wolf Architects


“Tingting is talented, hard-working and inquisitive student, who challenged herself this semester to take a strong conceptual approach to her site and turn it into a coherent and compelling housing project. Along the way, she set very ambitious goals for herself, both design goals and goals to learn new software. In each instance she was able to meet and exceed these goals. Tingting has the valuable skill of knowing what she does and does not know, and seeks to learn more about what she does not know.”


+ Andrew Cruse, AIA, LEED-AP, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis


“It was pleasure having Tingting in the studio this semester, where I believe she was able to challenge herself to improve her technical knowhow to better align with her innate design skill. Tingting, designed one of the more beautiful and compelling projects in the studio. It developed from the inside out, through clear planning and sectional exploration and was driven by a strong concept. The project beautifully blurred the individual townhouse ownership lines and unified the entire building in an elegant and cohesive manner while providing unique moments in a building composed of prototypical units. Having found her desired aesthetic, Tingting worked diligently to make it technically and performatively viable. Tingting worked with purpose and diligence throughout the semester and I believe she made significant strides in her goal of becoming an architect.”


+Donald N. Koster III, AIA, NCARB, LEED-AP, Senior Lecturer, Washington University in St. Louis
Founder of Donald Nelson Koster Architect